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Why origins is needed

Sea Shepherd Origins has been founded to strengthen the unity of Sea Shepherd entities and prevent the movement from sliding away from its core values.

It provides to the public opinion, the media and the historical and new supporters, a clear view on the original values and ethics of Sea Shepherd, and provides a better transparency on the functioning of the organisation. It is also meant to prevent any discreet recuperation of the movement by people who are not in alliance with Sea Shepherd’s original spirit and values.

Sea Shepherd Origins is an independent entity registered in France. The members of Sea Shepherd Origins are the entities that are signatories to the ethical guidelines of Sea Shepherd’s original spirit of no compromission, independance from the governments and corporations directly involved in the destruction of marine ecosystems. Click here to get to know our values.

Sea Shepherd Origins is completely separated from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (US) and Sea Shepherd Global. The entities linked to Sea Shepherd Origins are listed on this link at the bottom of this page.

Click here to know the campaigns led by these entities.

Sea Shepherd Origins is not involved in any campaign led by SSCS or Global. SSCS and Global are not involved either financially, logistically or with human resources in any campaign led by the entities members of Sea Shepherd Origins.

Sea Shepherd Origins mission is not to raise funds to finance the campaigns of its members. Each entity raises funds for its own missions or common missions between members. Sea Shepherd Origins purpose is to be the guardian of the original spirit of Sea Shepherd and it is an alliance of all entities, weither they are named Sea Shepherd or not, who have pledged to respect the ethical guideline of Sea Shepherd from its origins. Origins allows the general public and the supporters of the Sea Shepherd movement to have a clear vision on who has committed to respect the original values of Sea Shepherd as they were set up in 1977 by the Captain Paul Watson.

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Help us make sure the entities carrying the Sea Shepherd flag stay transparent, fair to all and loyal to our core values of no compromise. If you have been aboard a Sea Shepherd vessel or on a land based campaign, feel free to share your experience with us. If it was great, we do want to know. If there were issues, we want to know even more and see how we can address them.


Which Sea Shepherd entities are part of Sea Shepherd Origins?
Represented by Lamya Essemlali
Represented by Robert Read
Represented by Nathalie Gil
Represented by
Eva Dumas
Represented by Veronika Kristof
Represented by Capt. Paul Watson
…and more to come!

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