Sea Shepherd Origins


A 100% independent organisation

How we fundraise

Sea Shepherd is a 100% independent organisation, fully funded by people who believe in our mission and the way we operate – without any compromise or exclusivity, no conditions or strains attached – by individual or monthly donations, purchase of merchandise or major donations.

When it comes to organisations, we care for selecting which company, institution or public figure we associate with.

We only partner with those who are on the side of the solution. We don’t accept donations from organisations who want to compensate the harm they do for the ocean and the planet.

No funds from

Any organisation who compromises our independence or heavily impacts the ocean:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Mining industry
  • Plastic industry and large plastic polluters
  • Fisheries or aquaculture producers
  • Animal farming and production
  • Zoos, aquariums or wildlife tourism
  • Marine transportation and cargo
  • Animal-based products and industries
  • Fast fashion

How we spend our funds

Because we don’t accept donations from everyone, Sea Shepherd fundraising is much lower than other NGOs out there.

However we spend most of the money on the frontlines, with campaigns which truly brings more impact for the money funded.

Our crew of passionate volunteers and collaborators also ensure our operations stay slim yet impactful.

Because of our efforts, thousands of whales still live, billions of fish were saved. We dare to say that we are the most effective marine organisation in the world.


"A whale being harpooned does not make a story. People risking their lives to save that whale, that’s a story"

Capt. Paul Watson