Sea Shepherd Origins


Sea Shepherd's Mission

Who we are

Sea Shepherd Origins is an international coalition set up by the original Founder of Sea Shepherd, Captain Paul Watson and veterans of the Sea Shepherd movement (Lamya Essemlali, Robert Read, Nathalie Gil and Clementine Pallanca). It brings together the Captain Paul Watson Foundation and the national entities of Sea Shepherd that remain true to the original DNA of the organisation.

What we do

Sea Shepherd is an international non-profit marine conservation organisation that defends all wildlife below water and protects the world’s ocean from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

How we do it

The entities part of Sea Shepherd Origins are 100% independent organisations with a biocentric view of the world (marine wildlife are our true clients and only bosses – no compromise!). We never let any potential partner dictate actions or control our communication. We rely on courage, passion, imagination and intelligent tactics with real direct action to defend marine life.

Why we do it
The ocean and its inhabitants are dying from overfishing and habitat destruction. They are dying from human kind’s greed and ignorance. If we fight to defend the intrinsic value of the ocean, we also do it to ensure our own survival and the survival of future generations. Because there is no life on earth without a living ocean. If the ocean dies, we die.

Sea Shepherd Origins


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“There’s nothing more conservative than being a conservationist. It’s the radicals who are destroying the planet.”

Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd Origins


Our golden rules

Non-violent direct action


We choose our battles according to the emergency of the issue and the difference we can make

Passionate crew and volunteers


we are onboard purely for the love of the cause

A biocentric vision


complete respect for the animals (a vegan operation, no association with fishing, no captivity, not invasive techniques)

We act to make waves


we are where others don’t dare to go, we say what others don’t dare to say. If we don’t provoke, we are not doing the job right

100% independent entity


partnerships are for our mission and clients (life below and above water), never for any other organisations’ or individuals’ agenda

Intelligent and original use of tools


science, press, advocacy, partnering with governments are always a mean to serve our main mission: to protect all marine life

"Direct Action" is always led independently from hierarchical bureaucratic institutions. The very essence of it is to evolve outside of institutionalised procedures. When governments set up the rules of a partnership and put the boundaries in both actions and communication, using the term Direct Action becomes misleading wording."

Lamya Essemlali

Our ethics

There is no question about the legitimacy of subsistence fishing for those who are dependant on fishing for survival. However, it is a biological and ecological fact that the ocean can’t hold the pressure from a vast majority of the 8 billion human beings who can easily have a healthy and sustainable diet without eating fish and yet consume them in an unthoughtful manner. To attend this increasing demand which barely considers them as animals, the fish industry kills marine animals by the billions. We see industrial fishing as the largest threat to marine life and ecosystems, including the top predators and marine mammals not directly targeted by the fishing industry, yet who die by the hundreds of thousands each year, trapped in fishing gear, enduring a long and painful death: out of sight and out of mind

Our ethics are aimed at defending species and ecosystems, while preventing the suffering of individuals. We act on both levels and we believe that ecology and animal welfare should not be contradictory, but complement one another. For us it is crucial to remain consistent in both our frontline missions and the everyday life on board our vessels and land campaigns. It is why for decades now we have a 100% vegan operation, and give an opportunity to those not familiar with veganism who join our campaigns to discover the diversity of options and the astonishing culinary universe that exists beyond animal products.

Direct action had been used a lot lately by illegitimate movements who changed its narrative to fit greenwashing. Sea Shepherd Origins, however, will always live by its original meaning. We act directly where the problem is, independently of the established or institutionalised political and social procedures, strictly focused to reach our goals, instead of appealing to others. For example: revealing an existing problem when all others don’t dare to, using tactics that are not part of the institutionalised procedures, highlighting an alternative or demonstrating a possible solution that the establishment has no interests for people to know. We remain open to work with institutions if proven to be effective, but never at the cost of our independence to respond to our mission.

We are strict to those we associate with for donations, partnerships or campaigns. Donations are received without any compromises. Partnerships and joint work can be done with entities from different backgrounds and expertise (NGOs, governments, scientific groups, etc.) as long this alliance is proven to be effective for our mission to protect the ocean, and as long as it does not stand in opposition with our core values or weakens our freedom of speech and action.

Our arena

We aggressively respond to the most pressing threats to the ocean





We fight against the poachers

We are at the frontlines, and count on direct action where the problem is, and intelligent tactics to dismantle illegal operations and criminal activities at sea.



We expose the ocean destruction

We are where others don’t dare go, we expose what others fear to expose, we reveal the largest threats to the ocean and to all wildlife below and above water.



We change the system to defend threatened wildlife

We are fighting for them, and count on countless intelligent tactics and tools to accelerate change and influence laws and law enforcement for their defence and protection.



We make waves for the ocean

Through our relentless work, we bring together the most powerful army of supporters (volunteers, veterans, donors, collaborators) who pass on the passion for the protection of the ocean without any compromise

How we plan our campaigns

All campaigns are driven by intelligent strategy and non-violent direct action for the ocean

We go where others don’t dare. We say what others leave unsaid. We do not compromise our positioning to please people. We care for our only clients: life below and above water.


Icon: Ship


We count on a private navy of passionate people and vessels – in service of marine life worldwide – focusing our efforts where it is most needed, most urgent and most effective.

Icon: Jigsaw


We can work with partners whenever strategic, yet we will always be 100% independent from them.

Icon: Camera


The camera is our weapon. We expose the plundering of life below water and above without filter: never hiding or softening the reality.

Icon: Microscope


A means to an end. We rely on and expose revealing data that accelerates urgent change. Led and executed (or co-led) by our own technical team.Never invasive to animals. Always open access to all.
Icon: Lightbulb


We bring awareness and tell the truth the way no one else dares to. If we are not making the right people shocked or angry, we are not doing our job right.

"It’s not enough to understand the natural world,
the point is to defend and protect it"

Edward Abbey