Sea Shepherd Origins


Historial picture of Paul Watson on a ship

Our Origins

1977: Sea Shepherd is founded by Paul Watson

After leaving Greenpeace, Captain Paul Watson establishes Sea Shepherd in Canada, as a unique conservation organisation which focuses on direct action to answer the largest threats to the ocean and marine life. Sea Shepherd thinks and acts out of the box and rocks the boat in order to save as many lives as possible and catch people’s and media attention on the unknown and unseen destruction of the ocean.

1977 – 2022: National entities and ships strengthen the movement

Throughout the years, Sea Shepherd had expanded its chapters, and its fleet to ensure even more impact for the protection of the ocean. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the entity in the US, is established in 1981.

2022: The year of Sea Shepherd Origins

Paul Watson resigns (read his resignation letter here) from Shepherd Conservation Society, the US entity of Sea Shepherd, who’s new chairman is Paul Labombard, aka Pritam Singh, due to its change of direction.

Paul Watson is dismissed from the board of Sea Shepherd Global (by four directors out of six, Paul Watson and Lamya Essemlali voted against it) for denouncing publically SSCS’s change of direction.

Paul Watson launches Sea Shepherd Origins with Lamya Essemlali, Founder and President of Sea Shepherd France and also the only Global director who was opposed to Paul’s dismissal from the board, Nathalie Gil, Director and President of Sea Shepherd Brazil, Rob Read, Chairman of Sea Shepherd UK and Clementine Pallanca, former Director of SSCS.

The recent events show the risk of seeing Sea Shepherd, a unique organisation that has proven being incredibly effective in defending the ocean over the past four decades and that, while creating controversy has also won the heart and mind of millions of people by being bold and free. Particularly in the US, it shifted into a group mainly aiming at doing science as an end goal and now it works almost exclusively with governments under their rules, and therefore with many restrictions in both words and actions.

Sea Shepherd Origins is established to prevent what is considered as a weakening of the movement and to ensure Sea Shepherd values are protected and are strong.